A second term for Trump, if we see an election in November — my prediction. And I hope I am proven dead wrong.

If you watch the new Trump election ads, you can see he is striking the right chord with a vast number of Americans. What are his top messages? (1) Biden will impose huge taxes on Americans. (2) Biden will outsource jobs to China. (3) Biden will give amnesty to “illegal immigrants.” And (4) Trump has created historic amount of jobs.

These are winning messages. In fact, clever and impressive.

Most Americans perhaps do not know most giant corporations did not pay taxes under Trump — big media never tell them. Most Americans perhaps do not know massive jobs were outsourced to China and other countries such as India under Trump — see above. Most Americans (I am almost sure) do not know the intricacies of the immigration system, and “illegal” is a great word to find a perceived class of enemies.

A great number of Americans do not care that in four months, 140,000 people died in America: most believe these are fake numbers, and COVID-19 was a Chinese conspiracy to undermine America, even though in these four months, by some estimates, billionaires became even richer. A vast number of American people do not get science. Many don’t believe climate change and global warming with their consequent disease outbreaks are real. They do not compare numbers of the dead from around the world.

Tragically, a large number of Americans do not also care about blacks or poor immigrants in the first place. Or the fact that they are randomly killed or jailed.

Thanks to corporate media and their profit-only news cycles, many Americans will quickly forget that since the Great Depression, nowhere in history of modern America, so many Americans lost their jobs. So, imho, Trump is already marching in to a second term.

Plus, Biden is a weak, unimpressive, fragile candidate. He has decided to choose a woman running mate (I am all for it), which might actually backfire, because there are many American voters who do not believe America is ready for a woman president right now, given Biden’s fragile health. And conservative women in red states will not vote for a liberal woman.

Hillary and big media backstabbed Bernie Sanders, which made Trump possible in 2016. I honestly do not see any possibility of a Trump defeat in 2020.

Plus, a major national or international event pertaining to America’s security might as well happen in the next two or three months, which will push Americans to vote Republican.

These are my predictions, and I hope I am proven dead wrong.