In our continuing series on art and artists at Humanity College, we are presenting our guest artist of this week: Pradosh Paul of West Bengal, India.

Pradosh Paul graduated from Govt. collage of Art & Craft, Kolkata, 1988. I have come to know him a couple of years ago — first through Facebook, and then in real life. A down to earth person, Pradosh is somebody you know you can be friends with in two seconds. But behind that kind face and simple manners hides an incredibly powerful, extraordinary master of art.

And he talks about the environment, and Mother Nature in his language: painting.

I asked him about his work and his recent focus. This is what he wrote.

“For the last couple of years my paintings are in black & white. My thoughts are better expressed in black/white, I guess.” (Well, his watercolors are fantastic too!)

Pradosh continues: “Nature and loneliness – in a nutshell is my subject in painting. I tried to manifest how insignificant human existence is against the endless expanse of nature.

‘From here to eternity-1’
Acrylic on canvas, 48” x 60”, 2020

In this endless horizon sometime you may find a lonesome horse, or a piece of bone, or a lonely man – helpless against the unforgiving landscape. 

Man with his extreme audacity flaunts with his power and superiority. 

But time comes for him to bow down to nature.

In today’s world his pride and ego has been shattered by a tiny spec of virus.

It is he, who used to threat millions to destroy all with a push of a button, now gone back to his den to survive. 

The time has come for him to ask for forgiveness from Mother Nature.”

We could not agree more. Thank you, Pradosh, for your brilliant expression.


‘From here to eternity-4’
Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 54”, 2020