So, American media is having a field day, just by selling Trump and his craziness.
New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and all. “Right wing” Fox is losing business: their sex is now equaled by liberal media’s sex. Even after the relentless, false Hillary projections, (and WMD), educated people still take the Times seriously. Devoutly.
I mean, think about it. Fascist Trump is deporting poor immigrants. That’s big news. Yet, Obama deported the largest number of poor immigrants in his eight years: highest number in American history. Was that news? No!

Okay. Trump put Goldman Sachs in his cabinet. Big news (how can someone who campaigned to help America’s workers do such hypocrisy?). Yet, Obama put Goldman Sachs in his cabinet: one of his first appointments.
Banks exploded with profit in Obama’s eight years. You and I? 0.1% interest: lowest in modern world’s history. Not news.
Of course, I’m not comparing Trump with Obama. It’s not about the individuals. It’s their policies. One politics is crazy, out of control white supremacist fascism. The other, DNC politics of secretly occupying the world and enslaving its 99%.
(Bernie Sanders is ridiculed by U.S. media from Day 1. Others like him are branded socialists and radicals and un-American. Not “winnable.”)
Media knows that Trump’s insanity, and worldwide ridicule, sell like hot sex, and DNC’s eating the pie from underneath without disturbing the top crust doesn’t. A media-illiterate nation easily falls for media’s well-crafted business of profit and deception.
Had American mainstream media and their powers really cared about us the 99%, had they really cared about labor unions, women’s rights, or the environment, they would challenge both parties and their anti-people, pro-1% politics. Gloria Steinems would march *before* the elections, and not *after.*
If Trump tones down his fascism, which I doubt he will, “liberal” media would be extremely unhappy.
Now, that is the real story.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York