Greetings. I just made a short video on my personal time and using my personal resources out of my home in New York City. This is my urgent, sincere appeal to voters in India who are making their critically important decision to elect 543 members of the parliament. Each of these members will represent about one million people each.
In this globalized, neoliberal economic and political model, I strongly believe that the 1% elite people in power are using a precious democratic system only to validate their reign of the economy and politics of India, the largest democracy in the world with 1.2 billion people.
The big-media-driven election debate has become largely superficial, with little discussion on the lives and livelihoods of the vast majority of the ordinary, working people — men, woman and their families. A historic number of film star, cricket players, and other celebrities, as well as candidates with criminal background — belonging to most major parties including the ruling Congress and opposition BJP have made this election a matter of hypocrisy, and a terrible cruel joke played on the poor people.
I made this video to challenge you all to look at the real issues relevant to the 99% — the real people — and challenge the candidates on these subjects.
I hope you take a few minutes to watch it, and share it with your friends, family and coworkers. Bring democracy back to the direction of us — the ordinary, 99 percent.
Thank you for watching, commenting, and sharing.
Sincerely, as always,
Brooklyn, New York