Another India disaster today, but nobody answers the real question: WHY?
A busy flyover collapsed in Kolkata (Calcutta) today: second such disaster in a few years. In our worst nightmares, we have never seen anything like it.
A terribly corrupt, reckless and inefficient government, unthinkable population explosion, total disregard for safety, extreme privatization, and stealing of government maintenance money — all contributed to it.
Reminds me of the overhead bridge collapse in Florida a couple of years ago, which people already forgot. Nobody talked about extreme privatization in that case, either.
In case of Kolkata and West Bengal, God forbid, more tagedies will happen in future, with such callousness. Makes it easier for Trump-supporting BJP to come to power. Their own massive corruption will be forgotten, and swept under the rug by their propaganda machine.
Another sad day. I pray to God to save the hapless. Because the people in power won’t.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
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