We have already presented painter Susanta Chakraborty to readers and subscribers of Humanity College. Now we are posting a few more works of the eminent artist based in Howrah, a rather neglected township across the river Ganges from Kolkata.

Art can be therapeutic. Art can express the feelings of the human mind. Art can be simple, complex, easy to understand, or abstract, or difficult. The artist has the ultimate freedom to tell us about his innermost thoughts — in his own way. Painting, sculpture, a charcoal sketch, or multimedia — they are just like poetry, music, novels, short stories, a dance recital, theater, or cinema. They tell a story.

I have always believed, based on what I know about Susanta, that his paintings tell stories of the common man, woman, and children. They express their agony or anguish, fear or future. They show us their dreams, and they show us their nightmares.

All done in a highly skilled, beautifully composed, and powerfully framed way. I would let you decide what you think about Susanta’s craft.

Humanity College is proud to bring Susanta Chakraborty’s paintings to our world. We invite other artists to present their work too.

Susanta Chakraborty of Howrah, West Bengal.