When I saw a few days ago that American bookies were betting billions in favor of Kamala Harris, I knew she was going to be the Vice President pick for Biden. I had no more doubts in my mind. Now it has come true.

It’s Biden-Harris — not for America, but for Wall Street.

As Cornell West said, on one hand we have Joe Biden’s neoliberal catastrophe, and on the other we have Donald Trump’s fascist-racist catastrophe. Either way, we the 99% are doomed.

By selecting Kamala Harris for Biden, Wall Street has triumphed.

No way I can vote for a reckless, racist, megalomaniac who can destroy the world overnight for his personal benefits. But at the same time, we need to analyze what Biden and Harris stand for, and who the real forces are behind them.

Just a few months ago, during the pre-COVID-19 primaries, half of Wall Street was pumping money for Biden and Harris. Corporate America openly, explicitly declared that they would support anybody but Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. When Bloomberg withdrew and Harris lost, Wall Street started scratching head: Can Biden win?

In no other circumstances, Biden could win. He is a totally uninspiring leader, and he has no plans that can put America back to its lost position of world’s leader. In Obama’s eight years, Biden worked for big banks, credit card corporations, and their likes. He has never had any serious policy decisions either nationally or internationally.

Now, with the catastrophic health crisis on one hand and a fascistic Trump crisis on the other, with critical blessings from Obama since South Carolina primaries, Biden has become a candidate whom moderate Americans are reluctantly supporting. Meanwhile, big corporations, big media, and their political leaders have crushed Sanders, Warren, et al. who proposed and planned for a serious change.

Kamala Harris is not black. In fact, Indian immigrants in America have had a long legacy of their own anti-black, anti-Latino racism. Being an Indian-American immigrant myself, I know. If anything, Kamala Harris represents these Indians. She has been tough on blacks, and not particularly on crimes. In fact, her anti-black position was one reason that had killed her candidacy in the primaries. Private prison industrial complexes have loved California’s “tough” Top Cop Kamala Harris.

With the fall of America and the new rise of China as the world’s real superpower, Wall Street and American powers are looking for a parallel market that they can exploit to counter China’s giant manufacturing prowess. Kamala Harris’ name could help global U.S. corporations such as Microsoft, Monsanto, McDonald’s, Coke, GE, IBM, Apple, Wal-Mart, Disney, Goldman Sachs or Caterpillar to invade the vast Indian market. With help from a Hitler-praising neoliberal Modi government, American corporations would find new oxygen in getting a super-willing partner, and permanently destroy India’s socialistic economic structure that so far has worked for the poor and working class people, in spite of major flaws and scandalous corruption.

In the last five years, the corruption has only increased, and racism has gone out of control. Kamala Harris, with help from Bill Gates and Bloomberg, could now take India over, and put up strong resistance against the Chinese hegemony.

I have no illusion in my mind that the first order of business is to get rid of this crazy, cruel, lying megalomaniac and his people who could destroy the world tomorrow. But I am not greatly excited that the alternative is now another group of people who would destroy the world and its 99% — the day after tomorrow.

I knew they would never pick Elizabeth Warren as VP. But I was hoping against hope that perhaps a moderate, pro-99% Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan or war hero Tammy Duckworth of Illinois — from critical midwestern states — would, could, might happen. But the billion-dollar betting on Harris exposed it all.

The Biden-Harris ticket is definitely not glee for me, by any stretch of imagination. Wall Street wins, and America loses.

In place of a reckless neofascist Trump-Pence-Miller-Barr-Davos, we’re going to end up with a reckless neoliberal Biden-Harris-Gates-Bloomberg-Soros.

Not that I had any real serious illusion, ever!

By Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
August 11, 2020