Gujarat resultsBJP has won Gujarat 99-80, narrow margin. This is how it works in this fake, America-modeled “democracy” today — especially in India and USA.
(1) You don’t talk about issues that matter to the ordinary people (like, why do I work so hard, but still can’t make ends meet; or, why is my land forcibly taken by Monsanto or Coke; or, why is the pollution situation so horrific; or, why do I get rough treatment in offices when the party thugs and politicians get a royal treatment…etc.).
(2) You talk big, you talk fluff, you brand your opposition traitors, and you blame the Muslims and immigrants for your own failures. You make sure the richest of the rich are happy.
(3) For media, you show the same face of the top leader on TV ’round the clock, but do not ask him (or her) any controversial questions that might cost your media job, reputation, or life. Your questions, if any, are like a bland, barley soup, with no spices or salt.The supreme leader is de facto running for all constituencies and districts. Only his (or her) familiar face matters, and nothing else. The local candidates have little or no significance.
(4) You carefully avoid any sensational tragedy, violence, or crime during the election campaign (like, Roy Moore in Alabama, or the videotaped killing and burning of a Muslim man by a Hindu fanatic in Rajasthan). This is critical.
(5) You never apologize for anything (this is a big-time corporate policy, developed in USA — you never say sorry for any errors, lapses, or crimes). Do not ever admit any errors.This is a proven, corporate management policy. Do not ever give the media any opportunity to cash in on any errors you’ve committed (even though everybody knows it: like BJP’s big corporate donors — media will not surface it, unless you admit it).
With a stupid, toothless, and corrupt-to-the-core, weak opposition, you win. I am very surprised BJP barely managed to win. It shows they are not as smart as some of us think. And even this fake election fiasco brought them almost to defeat. Because their wrongdoings are so many, and so grave.
This cycle has continued, and will go on, forever, with this fake, America-modeled, two-party system. Corporate media will make sure alternative voices are never heard, or are downplayed and undermined. Like, the way New York Times and CNN and Democratic Party trashed Bernie Sanders. In India, it’s even easier, because educated liberals and left — still support Congress Party and its out-of-touch royalty.
By the way, almost ALL of the corporate news media did their own exit polls, and predicted BJP getting a much higher share of seats.
We know why.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York