December 4, 2023.

In the just-out results from five states in India, BJP rather unexpectedly won in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattishgarh, and Rajasthan (in Rajasthan, not so unexpectedly), helped a regional party to win in Mijoram, and lost in the Southern state of Telengana. Congress won big in Telengana.

However, anti-incumbent sentiment was so strong in MP and Chhattishgarh that almost all exit polls predicted BJP would lose. But they won, and even though Congress and the new INDIA alliance got many seats, managed to grab power.

Does it have any relevance to the overarching theme of global peace and harmony? I believe it does. There are many reasons. One reason is that Modi and BJP will use this momentum to win big in the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections. And our observation is that if they come back to power one more time, with ideological and organizational driving force RSS behind, the new powers will turn India’s secular and democratic constitution upside down. RSS, from its inception in 1925, has always espoused fascistic aspirations, and followed in the footsteps of Hitler and Mussolini.

There is more to it. National elections in Bangladesh are slated for January 2024. Sheikh Hasina’s liberal-centrist Awami League is in big trouble there too. If far right BNP and Jamat Islami coalition upsets AL, major social unrest might follow, fanatic Islamists might create new trouble for the minority Hindus there, which might have an even more adverse chain reaction in India. And BJP-RSS would use it to their advantage.

Pakistan’s economic situation is today unfortunately very difficult, and it might lead to social unrest too, and as before with U.S. backing, more authoritarian forces will have a firm grip on the country. Of course, this is a very short summary of the present landscape, but I am only doing my small part to make people aware of the very grave situation. What we can do to sort things out is totally up to us.

Thanks for listening.