This is a very brief note to remember Sandipta.
Sandipta Chatterjee, a young, vibrant, married woman, died just one year ago in Calcutta.
She was a popular TV news anchor at Star-Ananda, now renamed as ABP-Ananda.
Sandipta died of medical negligence and malpractice. She also fell victim of an oppressive, uncaring patriarchal system in India.
I wrote extensively about Sandipta, and how I felt about her untimely, tragic death. You can read it here.
She came to work the day before, went home, and did not come back to work the day after.
She died a tragic, sudden death.
I am remembering Sandipta today, because she was a dear sister, and I’m still not completely out of it.
I am remembering Sandipta today, because her death symbolizes the many, tragic deaths of women in India — under similar, never-resolved circumstances.
I am remembering her today, to remind ourselves that women in India — of all classes, races and religions — are living a perilous life. Injustice, violence and insult are crippling half a billion women.
Rapes and torture on one hand, and social second-classing on the other, are creating countless such tragedies — every single day.
It is an international crisis.
I hope we all understand the catastrophic nature of this crisis.
Remembering Sandipta, and sisters and mothers in India who fell victims of a new, gender apartheid,
Brooklyn, New York
ABP-Ananda’s YouTube obituary on Sandipta. — Visit