-Laugh One-


Bull…show me the body count, and I’ll buy it.
“A woman who is Jewish and of Arab descent alleges that she along with two Indian-Americans were [handcuffed and] detained by armed officers on an airplane at Detroit Metro Airport on Sunday and then jailed and strip searched,” according to MSNBC and other sources.
They were flying an airplane on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I personally think they should’ve been more responsible than that. You invite trouble…you get in trouble. Simple! So, don’t complain that there were fifty armed men raiding you with the “biggest machine guns” you’ve ever seen.
And then, read this! “They … needed to make sure all my orifices were free and clear,” Shoshana Hebshi, the jailed woman — a half-Jew, half-Arab housewife, mother and an American citizen — wrote on her blog.
This is news? Gee…this is First Amendment going too far. How could a decent woman write such an obscene description for the whole world to see? A decent, Christian woman especially from conservative America would not do it. Period. In fact, no conservative, God-fearing man or woman — Christian, Jew, Muslim, African, India, German — would do it. Let me tell ya.
[And guess what? The two Indian men, one or both, went to the bathroom while on board and took “too long,” according to police report. Don’t you think there was enough reason to believe they were doing some’ wrong? Duh…I would think so!]
I’m convinced. First of all, I find the entire episode, the way far-left media described it, hard to believe. American law enforcement don’t do that. See below what actually happened.
FBI Special Agent in Charge of Detroit Andy Arena told the Free Press that the FBI did interview the woman and the men, but said: “We treated her well.” This is according to the same news story.
I am a patriotic Indian-American. I also went to the famous, Ivy League Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. I know for the fact that you need to interview law enforcement, government leaders and judiciary first; in fact, you need to put a lot of emphasis on what those officials say. My esteemed professors taught me that if there’s no body count, there’s no news. Some strip search, some little handcuffing here and there, maybe a little detention…that’s no news at all. Newspaper space is precious today. TV space is even more precious. Don’t waste them reporting stuff that really don’t matter to nobody. Get bodies. Get a body count. Shooting and murder, rape and murder, a few body parts found in somebody’s refrigerator…now that’s worthy of public attention. Earthquakes anything over 6 or 7, some Katrina-type hurricanes, tsunamis, a few hundred bodies lying on both sides of a major highway…now that’s major news. Do you have any lack of those more worthy news items? Just look around…they’re happening all the time. You don’t even need to buy a pricey plane ticket to go to some God-forsaken no-man’s land to cover it. They’re happening right here…in this good-ole’ America. Go get ’em!
Who cares for some little Arab woman, Jewish woman, Sick woman strip searched on some God-forsaken airport, or handcuffed? Move on…move on…media time is prime real estate. Don’t take freedom of speech too far.
I think MSNBC, which is too far lefty radical in the first place and we all know it, went too far. And the woman went too far too. Look, she’s a half-Jew, half-Arab. Don’t you think on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, those people needed to be watched twice over?
“The FBI did not arrest anybody or direct anyone to be arrested,” FBI Special Agent in Charge of Detroit Andy Arena said. After determining “there was no criminal or terrorist activity … they were released.”
I told ya! This is America. It’s not some God-forsaken country in Africa or China. We are religious people. We treat people well.
In my personal, honest opinion, human rights, dignity…First Amendment…you know what? Radical media blow it out of proportion all the time. You make one little mistake…and they’ll jump all over you…like a pack of blood-thirsty coyotes.
Remember Abu Ghraib? Abu Gharib? Aboo Grief…something like that…it’s been a while. Anyway…I thought that was an example how radical, lefty media went too far. I mean, come on gimme a break. We were fighting a war on terror…man! What did you expect to happen with those terrorists…we offered them m&m’s?
Fuhh! Like…Willy Wonka, man!
I’ll tell you more such laughable stories. Come back soon.
Sincerely Writing,
Brooklyn, New York

That was Radical Media Goin' Too Far!