FASCISM is coming to India (RSS-BJP-Shiv Sena). And fascism is coming to America (Tea Party-Americans For Prosperity-Koch Brothers). Not only because of fascists. It’s because of the privileged, upper-class left, liberals and libertarians who closed their eyes and let the 1% bleed the ordinary people dry, steal the treasury, escalate the rich-poor gap, and break down the society, in the name of democracy and free speech (Obama, Clinton and India’s Gandhi Dynasty and their elite supporters are examples of this class). In both India and America, quick and fake-debate elections have become largely synonymous with the 1% validating their power to be super rich: with corporate profit, land and technology grabbing, and black money (and MOST candidates get massive kickbacks: we have proofs.). The 1% have either directly bought the media, or bribed or silenced them with ad money. Nobody outside of the elite circle knows what goes on at corporate or government board meetings; there is ZERO participation of the people in decisions impacting their lives. Result: HUGE public anger. With absence of a pro-99% force engaging the vast majority of moderate left and right exploiting their many overlaps (which I now call the SECOND CIRCLE), and left-liberals’ arrogance and failure to shed their dogma and ego, and a weak, directionless organized labor, far right, violent fanatics, and Ayn-Rand-libertarians are gaining momentum. This happened at least once before in recent history, when Third Reich came to power in Germany. Now, no single man or woman needs to be like Hitler. Dictatorship will be collective, with the 1% pulling all the strings, to dance the elected governments. In fact, this dictatorship is already in power, but they will be more powerful in the coming days. They will crush domestic and global voices of dissent, using repression, spying and prison inside and war and economic terror outside. And even more young-generation men and women will become apolitical and ignorant of history (and “fun”-loving), and VOTING CYCLES will become even more hypocritical and inconsequential.
WITH ABSOLUTE HONESTY AND TERRIBLE FEAR. — There was a time when elections were held, and media took a relatively neutral position. Not any more. Now media ACTIVELY work for the 1% elite and powerful. IN THE U.S., media take a completely biased position for the two big parties and promote their candidates who have EXPLICIT connections with war, prison, oil, bank, IT, retail, drug, casino, food, car or insurance corporations. These politicians such as Chuck Schumer (D) or Dick Cheney (R) work to safeguard and promote the interest of the 1%. In fact, many own big corporations, such as Cheney. So, Cheney OPENLY supports the Judith Miller lies that created the Iraq invasion and genocide. Others like Hillary Clinton sit on management boards of companies like Wal-Mart. So, Hillary could push Wal-Mart in India, the biggest open market with unchecked corruption. Media — either in USA or in India — do not tell these stories. They do not tell the Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders side of a pro-99% story. So, most people do not know, and fall for consent mass-manufactured with support from Koch Brothers and Heritage Foundation. New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and such major media do it cunningly, and privileged liberals buy their lies and half-truths (and what I now call Journalism of Exclusion). Meaningless newspapers and fascistic talk shows such as New York Post or Rush Limbaugh, take advantage of peoples’ general ignorance and lack of time to do any serious reading, and brainwash them with absolute lies and bigoted views of the world. IN INDIA, right now, a week before a very big, national election, media is OPENLY taking sides in favor of the 1%, and through countless articles, photos and TV shows are promoting film stars, singers, cricket players, womanizers and such wannabe leaders of at least one million poor people EACH — candidates that HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE or insight about the real issues and problems, such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, health and environmental crisis, water and food crisis, land grabbing, overpopulation, corruption, communal harmony, child labor, rampant VIOLENCE on women, sky-high prices, and domestic and international terror. Media do not challenge them on these issues, and by NOT doing it, WORK FOR THE 1% to keep the status quo and re-validate this absolutely dishonest and hypocritical system in the name of vote and democracy. HUGE SUMS OF MONEY — PEOPLES’ MONEY AND BLACK MONEY — are spent to carry out these elections — every four years in USA and five years in India. THE 1% SILENCE THE DISSENTING VOICES. A small news broke yesterday that FBI is hiding plots to KILL OCCUPY WALL STREET ORGANIZERS. Google it. I don’t know how long I can continue doing this honest, heart-felt storytelling. YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Wherever you are.
Sincerely Sharing Heartfelt Thoughts,
Brooklyn, New York