Trump protest
A couple of pointers, in case anybody cares. 
1. Pre-empt the Sully. — It is entirely possible that politicians and media who have a LOT to lose if Bernie wins will instigate violence with Trump and KKK using their operatives, and sully the campaign. Their projection through media will be, “Look, a Sanders win will mean social anarchy and street fight between a bunch of fascists and communists (or blacks and whites, or Americans and non-Americans…), right here in peaceful, God’s America. Do you want that?” And it will be another reason for them to censor every other substantive issue on the campaign trail, all over again.
2. Black America’s Challenge. — What have the Clintons (and Obama) REALLY done for them during their decades of national and practically, universal power? Just think about it, and make up a list. (A) The 1994 Clinton Crimes Bill — Put more blacks in jail, and penalized more innocent than ever before. (B) The 1996 Clinton Welfare Act — Drove more blacks — especially poor mothers — back into poverty than anybody else ever could. (C) The 1999 Glass-Stegall Act abolition and (D) The 1996 NAFTA — Both destroyed the American economy and American workers, a large percent of whom were black men and women. For Obama, his cozying up with big banks and Wall Street, doing nothing to bring back jobs to America, and help anybody — black or white or brown. And finally, think about how many more black lives were lost in his regime because of police brutality and mass incarceration. WHAT IS HILLARY’S RECORD ON RACE IN AMERICA? (Click on this link).
3. Talk is Cheap. — Both Clinton and Obama promised a lot, and Hillary Clinton always took the same position, but delivered little when it comes to social or economic justice, or racial justice, for blacks or immigrants. Did a comprehensive immigration reform act ever pass? Clinton’s immigration reform was one of the most violent and punitive measures America has ever seen in decades. Did Obama’s 2008 Employee Free Choice Act ever pass?
4. Compare all of the above with the action (not talk) we have seen from Bernie Sanders. I am linking up this line with some facts (and action plans), in case you have time to look it up quickly.
I hope you do check out the facts.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
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