So what he was a high school graduate? What's the big deal?

So what he was a high school graduate? What’s the big deal? We are all high school graduates.

[Read it twice before you judge. Maybe, thrice. That’s three times.]


Blacks are really a problem, you know? I mean, just look at them around the world.

Look at small-town Ferguson near St. Louis here in Amrikka. Mighty, mighty Amrikka. The best country in the world.

A black man named Michael Brown was accidentally shot to death by law enforcement officials who were trying to enforce laws. And the whole world fell apart. Well, at least the small town of Ferguson near the big city of St. Louis where I lived for some time fell apart.

Protests, rallies, rowdy demonstrations, candle-light vigils, and then those blacks started throwing bottles, rocks and stuff. I mean, can you believe it? They’re talking nonsense. Like, Trayvon Martin. Like, Rodney King. Like, Amadou Diallo.

I mean, what does Ferguson have to do with L.A., New York, or Florida? They are far apart!

Didn’t Ferguson law enforcement tell us they didn’t mean to do it, and that they were sorry it happened? I mean, let us just give them a break. They’re only trying to do their job. Sure, the family of this Michael Brown kid suffered. So, give them some money to compensate for their loss, and let’s move on.

Enough is enough!

Let the world move on. Already for this one small lapse and curfew and all, the small town of Ferguson near the big city of St. Louis where I lived for some time suffered big loss in business and city revenues. Now, even the federal government with its justice department and this Eric Holder guy (who is also black) and even the black president Obama (who never speaks up) spoke up. 

We all know what’s happening. It’s ganging up of those blacks across the country, and nothing else.

I am so sad the way America God’s chosen country in the world is falling apart.

I am heartbroken.


Why spend so much to save those who are not to be saved? It's God's wish, don't we all know?

Why spend so much to save those who are not to be saved? It’s God’s wish, don’t we all know?

And then, this Ebola thing.

Again, just look at the mess these Blacks created. Some God-forsaken country in Africa Nigeria, Liberia or Damneria got this horrible disease — and I hear it’s even deadlier than AIDS or cancer I don’t know which one is badder like you vomit blood to death or something — and then Amrikka the best country in the world must get involved? I mean, like, why??

Don’t we have enough problems of our own? Why us? If they can’t fix their own mess, then why create it?

And, most of all, don’t we all understand it’s nothing but God’s final curse? Isn’t this sure indication that the world is coming to an end, only for Dear God to send His Son to destroy it all and save the sinners like us?

I mean, it’s all too clear to me. Ain’t it to you? The Second Coming is coming. And that’s the first thing we need to understand.

I mean, look around. Did you ever see any bad germs happening out of God’s chosen countries? Like, Amrikka, Israel, or Germany or U.K.? No! Cancer, AIDS, Ebola, Sfeebola — all from Africa. Get the facts straight!

Even look at this. St. Louis virus they tried to name it. It was a conspiracy against our country. Now we all know it’s East Nile virus. East Nile. Where is East Nile? It’s in Africa, Goddamnit!


Blacks have always been a problem. We always had to deal with it. We live in Amerikka. We know. 

Even ask Indians. Like, India Indians where I came from. They all know blacks are big problem. 

Don’t fool us. And don’t pull our precious resources off to help those who don’t want to be helped. Like, Ferguson. Don’t spend an unnecessary amount of money. We know how to deal with such big mess. And it’s not Gandhi that can do it. We need guns. And we need the military. We need our own citizens, just the same way they’re guarding the borders to fight back against those Mexican invaders. Those illegal aliens who are about to take over this chosen country.

And we definitely don’t need no black man in the White House no more. Although, this Obama guy has mellowed down. He don’t talk nonsense no more. He finally got it.

But, still…


Look at them. They have no respect for law. You judge. I'm speechless to see the vulgarity.

Look at them. They have no respect for the law. You judge. I’m speechless to see the vulgarity.