Really, this is one of the worst hypocrisies in modern history of mankind.

Yesterday, October 2 was Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, and everybody wrote something about the man of peace. I waited until the day was over, hoping some of us would think about the man and his mission especially in today’s Indian context.

Those who killed Mahatma Gandhi are now in the seat of power in India. Today, they rounded up a large number of journalists, political commentators, and even satirists — charging them on terror charges.

That is today’s India.

I also thought of writing you with hope that my insider book on Modi’s RSS and BJP and their KKK-like clan of traders of hate and violence would get some mileage.

I am reminding all of my friends, students and supporters-sympathizers that Gandhi’s Killers India’s Rulers (RBE, 2020) is now available for a free download at my blog site here at .

Use the book, translate in Hindi and other Indian languages, and let people know that the people in power today are the same people who killed Mahatma Gandhi in January, 1948. Nathuram Godse and his violent associates were all fanatic Hindus, and members of RSS and Hindu Mahasabha. Their leaders and mentors were Savarkar and Golwalkar.

Did you know that these are the same people who never paid respect to India’s national flag. In my almost twenty years in RSS, BJP and far-right student organization ABVP, and my father’s lifelong association with them as a close associate of former prime minister A. B. Vajpayee, I have never seen them hoisting the Indian tricolor at RSS gatherings. Never!

I have never seen them singing India’s national anthem. I have never seen them celebrating August 15 as India’s Independence Day.

Hope you read my autobiography-style book, and know their true colors.

If they return to power in 2024, they will destroy India and our universal values of peace, equality and tolerance once and for all.