(1) Who is Prime Minister Modi?

He is BJP and RSS.

(2) What is BJP?

It’s the political wing of RSS.

(3) What is RSS?

It’s a militant Hindu fundamentalist organization.

(4) What did they do?

Nathuram Godse, an RSS follower, killed Gandhi. He had many other Hindu fundamentalist associates on the assassination conspiracy.

Their top leaders praised Hitler, and their volunteers/followers conspired to kill Mahatma Gandhi. (Read New York Times interview with Gopal Godse, assassin Nathuram Godse’s brother.)

(5) Did RSS participate in the freedom struggle against British occupation and tyranny?

No, RSS as an organization actively stayed away from it.

(6) What are they against?

They always talked about Islam, Christianity, and socialism to be the three vices, or evils — for India or Bharat.

(7) What are they for?

India/Bharat is for Hindus and Hindi, gender equality is unacceptable, and the economy must be privatized (or, not socialized — they were vehemently against nationalization of India’s banks).

(8) Do RSS practice a democratic leadership structure?

No, they have a supreme, unquestionable leader.

(9) Do they have money?

They have huge money.

(10) How do they gather money?

Volunteer donation is one way. They call it GuruDakshina (charity to the Guru, which is their saffron, Hindu flag).

(11) Do they pay taxes on their enormous income this way?

Not sure. I guess, short answer is, if you can count the money correctly, and transparently. I never heard anybody asking this question. Nobody asks serious questions there.

(12) How do I know all of the above?

I was with RSS, BJP and their student wing ABVP for over fifteen years, before I quit out of ideological disillusionment. And my father was with them all his life. He was close to leaders like Vajpayee and Advani.

(Reference: Partha Banerjee, In the Belly of the Beast: Hindu Supremacist RSS and BJP of India — An Insider’s Story. Ajanta Books International, Delhi, 1998).