TEXAS Santa Fe High School gun massacre today. At least 10 dead.
Guns destroy innocent lives, again here in America.
Every time there is a mass shooting in America, we cringe in disgust. People across the world hang their heads in shame.
Of course, we mourn for the loss of innocent lives, and we shed tears for them. But then what? A president — Obama, Clinton, Bush, or Trump — comes on TV, and says some meaningless “we pray for the victims” type words. Nothing substantive happens.
There is ZERO action! Media and politicians will shed their crocodile tears.
Guns sell even more in America, after each mass shooting happens. Yes, it is true!
The traders of violence — NRA and Koch Brothers and Wal-Mart and gun manufacturers — keep trading away their weapons of mass destruction. But nobody in America calls these horrific weapons that kill men, women, and children like clay birds, WMD. People can’t think that way.
There is no debate about how a civilized society, and that too, one that brags itself to be the “best country in the world”, can continue on such a legacy of barbarism and brutal genocide, a legacy that is prehistoric, and exploits loopholes in the constitution. Most of the Republicans and Democrats look the other way, as soon as the mourning and TV tears are over.
I am sure, tomorrow when I start teaching EXTREMISM to my American students, the first example of extremism we use being gun violence, there will be a lot of heated arguments. Many will find bizarre logic to justify the presence of hundreds of thousands of gun shops in USA, many more than the number of gas stations around.
We shall wait for the next gun massacre to occur in a matter of days, weeks, or months. With a frozen heart.
In complete disgust about American powers’ inaction against gun terrorism,
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
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