Not that I’m going to say anything radically different from others who have more, professional expertise on this subject.
Here’s a short summary of this blog post: Guns. Kill. People. Children. Period.
National Rifle Association, and their WMD industries and favored politicians — mostly Republicans, but some Democrats too, would disagree with the above statement.
But let them disagree. Would the sellers of poison ever agree that poison is bad for your health? At least, they have a warning label. Do Wal-Mart guns carry such labels too? Or, the weapons of mass destruction Stephen Paddock bought at Guns and Guitars in Nevada?
Like, Warning: Guns are Deadly Weapons. Guns Kill.  ??
To make it short, I’m posting a few charts below, to enunciate the epidemic of gun violence in America. You look at them, and you decide for yourself.
I rest my case.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
Chart 1.
Data from CDC. CDC is a federal organization.
Chart 2. 
Toddler gun stats
Chart 3.
Chart 4.
Chart 5.
Country shooting list
Chart 6. — Last but not least. I want to laugh…but this is no laughing matter.
Pat Robertson on Las Vegas massacre