Jon Stewart thinks Sanders is a better candidate. He was serious this time.

Jon Stewart thinks Sanders is a better candidate. He is serious this time.

Is Bernie Sanders only a long shot? Or, could he actually win?
Here is my two outsider cents, in case anybody out there in his campaign really cares.
Now, who the heck is Bernie Sanders, and what is he trying to win?
Bernie Sanders is an independent-leaning politician here in the U.S., and he calls himself a democratic socialist. He has joined the fray of the Democratic Party presidential primaries — an election that will decide who will become the party’s candidate for the 2016 elections. He is fighting against a massive, billion-dollar campaign of Hillary Clinton. By default, Sanders is fighting against the Goliath, and he is not even David. We can call him david, with a small d. But Sanders has built a huge grassroots support across the country, especially from young-generation political, social and environmental activists. Sanders also has a long and successful administrative record in his state of Vermont.
Scott Walker and his union-busting politics have found praise in New York Times, and Walker could be a possible Republican candidate, perhaps a running mate with Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush, younger brother of George W. Bush, has just announced his candidacy for the Republican Party’s primaries.
Of course, New York Times is anti-union, but most people do not know it. Scott Walker’s violent union-busting tactics, funded by Koch Brothers’ millions, gave the American 1% another arsenal. Media have largely sided with what Walker did in Wisconsin, by excluding important, balanced economic discussions and globalized politics of IMF, World Bank, G-8 and Wall Street.
IMO, there is very little difference between the Republicans and Hillary Clinton.

IMO, there is very little difference between the Republicans and Hillary Clinton.

People who are working on the Bernie Sanders team are, I am sure, aware of how critical labor union support will be in 2016. But, challenges are hard, fierce and vicious.
Media is one challenge: CNN, NBC, ABC, WSJ, Fox. Radio talk shows. Most ordinary people do not understand alternative media. Koch Brothers and Clinton Foundation, Obama Foundation, and big, multinational corporations that supported their pro-TPP congressmen and congresswomen are challenges with billions of dollars to spend — secretly, thanks to Citizens United. Heritage Foundation and ALEC.
Pro-Hillary news from around the world is another challenge in this globalized society. NOW (National Organization for the Women, a liberal and elite organization) is a big Hillary block with money and influence. Gloria Steinems will only want a woman to be the president of the United States, without any discussion on what kind of woman she is, and what she stands for.
Yet, one of the biggest challenges will come from within the American 99%, and from within the middle-class and poor societies: particularly blacks, Latinos, Chinese and Indians.
I have kept my ears to the ground: I work with labor unions and immigrants. Blacks and Latinos together are nearly 25% of U.S. population, and Indians and Chinese together make another 5%. Plus, Indian white collar have money, and they will give to Hillary. Money will come from corporations around the world, without having to disclose their identity. And it’s very likely that money will decide 2016.
 there is an unprecedented bridge building across the moderate left and right. IMHO, that must happen, or Bernie Sanders has no chance. Let us forget the left-right-socialist-capitalist divide, and bring the 99% together.

Again, I am sure people who are working on the Sanders campaign team are aware of all of the above. I just thought I should reiterate it, from a small, outsider point of view.
If Bernie Sanders can make it a step towards a positive, pro-equality, pro-99% honest change, he has a chance to win. If he tries to make it an overambitious revolution, he will lose. That is the trap media will lay out for him.
Thanks for listening.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
Build that Bridge, Bernie!

Build that Bridge, Bernie!