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Related blog I wrote last year after the Delhi gang rape and murder:
(1) A poor, 16-year-old girl was gang raped in a Calcutta suburb named Madhyamgram.
(2) The family found courage, and went to police to report it.
(3) When the family was returning home from police station, the criminals kidnapped and raped the young woman again.
(4) This time, the family fled, and hid in Calcutta (Kolkata).
(5) The rapists searched for them, and found them.
(6) They burned her (corroborated by just-out police report).
(7) Some say she went to commit suicide, out of pain and shame.
(8) They took her to a hospital. Hospital mistreated and neglected her for a long time, and finally, the girl died.
(9) (Update: just-out post-mortem report showed sign of a fetus).
(10). On their way to funeral, followed by mass protesters, police snatched the dead body.
(11). People and police fought on the street.
(12) Police and mafia threatened the victim’s family, and asked them to cremate the body and leave West Bengal immediately.
(13). Bereaving father — a taxi driver from neighboring state Bihar — got a rare opportunity to meet the governor of West Bengal (ceremonial head of government with little power), while the body waited at a political party’s office for hours before cremation. The meeting was possible because of activism of the labor union the man was with.
(14) After interference from the governor, the family cremated the body.
Sharing with shame and anger.
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