Let Us Understand Why.

With this election result where people fell for Goebbels-like propaganda and lies, fascism is now official in India. Fascism of Hindu fanatics, fascism of the 1 percent, and fascism of hate and violence.

They won. Reason and truth lost. There will be no viable opposition anymore.

Thank you, Congress Party and Gandhi Dynasty: your long inefficiency, false promises and elitism made it possible.

Thank you, communist parties: your long arrogance and party hooliganism made it possible.

Thank you, Trinamul Congress in Bengal: your extreme illiteracy and corruption made it possible.

I shall live the rest of my life under two fascist regimes in my two countries — in India my motherland, and in USA my adopted land. My family, children, and society will live on under the rules of fascist dictators, racist, sexist and prehistoric-minded rulers and their extremist system.

I know for sure, deep in my heart, that it is now time again for Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, KKK, and such ruthless, dark forces. And I know for sure that the world is now deeply into a climate of massive war, violence, bloodshed, and destruction.

Add to it the very serious threat of climate destruction and massive deaths and destitution.

Yet, I shall keep on my God-given mission to educate and organize people — in any way I can.

If you can shed your fear, and get out of this initial disappointment, join me on this crusade. I cannot promise that I have all the answers for you. But I promise together, we shall find the answers.

Regardless of this outcome, which was only expected given how people in power manipulated terrorism, deaths of soldiers and a fake war to their political advantage, and very cleverly diverted people’s attention from real-life issues such as money, food, health and education, we shall live our way.

Yes, now they will crush opposition, and unleash new terror. Many people from our side will join their side. In a progressive, liberal place like Calcutta and Bengal, they will likely come to power in a few years. This is all true.

However, very quickly, ordinary people — the 99% — who voted for them would realize how their real lives are in serious jeopardy. If and when they cry out, and ask for help, let us not forget to be on their side.

But for now, remember that a group of people who did not shed a drop of blood for India’s independence, and people who have always hated Gandhi, Tagore and Ambedkar are in power — perhaps for the rest of the time in our lives.

Brooklyn, New York
May 23, 2019


Illustration for non-profit, academic use: Nivesh Rawatlal, New Frame.