An important series of state elections is happening is India today, and people are rejecting a corrupt and tyrant, “liberal” Congress Party.

People are overwhelmingly voting for a conservative, right-wing BJP. In Delhi, the capital of India, an anti-corruption third party got a third of the seats.

The election results remind us of what we’ve seen in Egypt recently. The election results also remind us that just like they reacted in Egypt, U.S. government and corporations, IMF and other Western superpowers are not going to like the outcome.

I do not support BJP and their feudal-patriarchal doctrine. I have written a whole book about their politics of bigotry and hate (you can click here to know more). I have no illusion about them.

But I strongly believe that this is peoples’ verdict in India — against an extremely corrupt, violent, inefficient and fake-liberal Gandhi Dynasty and their Congress Party.

I have written before on this blog how this corrupt dynasty with their extreme zeal to remain in power has sold India out to Western powers, just the same way Mir Jafar and feudal, Muslim and Hindu rulers had sold India out to East Indian Company and British colonizing powers two centuries ago. I have shown how history is repeating itself in India.


India is now going the Egypt way. We may not like it, but the so-called centrist-elite liberal one percent in both countries have destroyed their economies, sold out to Western economic and political powers and their domestic hatchet men, and in the name of democracy, have looted all the wealth, creating unthinkable inequality. They have permanently destabilized the social fabric of both countries in the name of progress and prosperity. They have undermined and ridiculed traditions and mores that the ordinary Indians and Egyptians believe in, and unprecedented social vices have spread across the countries like cancer. Most importantly, for the ordinary people, prices of essential items such as food, oil, education and health care have gone through the roofs, thanks to a rampant, out-of-control IMF privatization of the economy.


The ordinary, working people — men, women and families — are reacting back with the only weapon they have: their vote. This is their 99 percent moment.

It is a revolution. We the educated, modern, progressive and liberal may not like the huge tilt back to the right. The left in both India and Egypt are angry. But this is really how it is shaping up.

U.S., IMF, World Bank and Western superpowers have quickly destroyed the historic, Tahrir Square revolution.

I have a feeling they’re going to play a similar game in India, in the next few months. National elections are probably going to be held in March. Between now and then, billions of dollars will play underground in Indian politics, to manipulate the so-called democracy. Politics will be like a mega casino, just like Indian cricket, and even bigger.

I am warning, in my small way, against such massive manipulations.

I may not support BJP. But I do support the Indian  99 percent who are now electing BJP.

They have no other way right now. This is how the ordinary men, women and families are coming together — against lies, corruption and violence.

This is their Second Circle moment.

Still Believing in Peoples’ Power,


Brooklyn, New York


P.S. — Watch out for a rapidly-rising Aam Admi Party (AAP, or common peoples’ party). Is it a real phenomenon against corruption? Or, is it a platform financed by dubious sources?