Modi’s people built a tunnel in Uttarkashi, North India to dope people into believing they will reach a new holy site, which is nothing more than stalactites and stalagmites (crystals in the caves).

They exploited religion-driven illiterate Hindu people, and they wanted to use it for political gains. And media made big stories out of it.

They did not build an escape route for the workers to build the tunnel. They ignored environmentalists’ warnings. They made the very fragile Himalayan geologic terrain catastrophic.

Now, 41 poor workers — Hindus and Muslims alike — are stuck in it, for over ten days. Media is making sentimental stories, without challenging the people in power responsible for such a catastrophe.

But if the administration responsible for such a horrific job somehow gets the people out before they perish, media will make big stories celebrating the “glorious rescue” by the people who are responsible for such a massive crisis.

That’s the real calamity India is faced with today.

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