Babri 1

Babri Mosque demolition by Hindu fanatics. December 6, 1992.

December 6 has become an iconic day of protest in India. This day in 1992, Hindu fascists demolished an ancient mosque in a sacred city called Ayodhya, and it resulted in a massive, bloody communal riot, killing thousands of poor people, mostly Muslims.
Liberals — especially Facebook-Whatsapp-type, well-to-do Indians (South Asians) — have always used this day to cry intolerance, and this cry has become louder these days with the fascists and bigots crushing down on free speech and personal freedom such as eating beef in India, or Pork in Pakistan or Bangladesh.
It is true that Hindu fanatics have killed free thinkers in India, and Islamic fanatics killed free thinkers in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Women have become targets of religious¬†zealots in all three “Indian” countries.

Indian army rape Manorama in an outcaste state Manipur. Massive, historic protests by women. I don’t believe they have Facebook or Whatsapp.

YET, these liberals do not cry foul when they see enormous violence committed by the army or police, or the richest one percent in India, who live on gold.
In a country where dowry demands kill poor women regularly, Monsanto kills farmers regularly, police and mafia kill dissent regularly, and extreme inequality and poverty kill millions out of hunger, diseases and pollution, this selective cry against intolerance that the affluent liberal cry is anything but honest.

Meanwhile, a few million farmers commit suicide. Here is only one of them. Every thirty minutes, a Monsanto farmer is killing himself in India.

If the ISIS terrorism is real (it IS real), Hindu fanatics’ anti-Muslim, anti-Christian threat is real (it IS real), so is the global one percent’s economic terrorism, and the sold-out politicians’ and media’s political-intellectual-cultural terrorism.
One is immediate and instantly visible; the other is continuous and dark and silent. The silent and dark economic and cultural terror is actually killing millions more than the former.
I keep telling you the real stories that big media — either in India or in the U.S. — won’t tell you. It’s up to you to decide who is telling the truth, and who is not.
I leave that challenge up to you.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York

One of them owns $600 million. American dollars. The three biggest Indian film stars are btw all Muslim. They cry intolerance?