Never before in modern history, women have been in such great peril in my two countries — USA and India. Here in U.S., Trump and his cohort are obscenely anti-women. Their filth, glorified in a section of American media, makes you throw up. India, under this fanatic group of rulers, is ranked “the most dangerous place for women.” Lowest safety in the whole world.

Globally, India is #1 from the bottom, and USA is #10.

Especially after a dignified president like Obama, Trump’s misogyny and obscene public gestures against women are unbelievable! People who support him, I wonder, what do their sisters and wives think of him? I would like to know. I mean, do they really know? Can they think?

My real shame, however, is today’s India. From bride burning to dowry deaths to acid throwing to female infanticide to 24/7 rapes and tortures to eve teasing to economic discrimination to snatching their money and property to domestic violence to day-to-day harassment and undermining and subjugation, it is a place nowhere else to be found.

India’s New Rulers Don’t Understand Equality.

If you think these Indian rulers’ election politics of hate, violence and war against Pakistan would uplift women of India, you need to know their long history of misogyny. And for me, I have a number of first hand experiences.

If there is a ranking system, I would say they consider rich Hindu women as second-class citizens, poor Hindu women as third class, and Muslim and Dalit women as fourth class. They live in pre-historic days, and want women to surrender to men, period. Some of their leaders still support Suttee — the immolation of widows.

Of course, they are not the only ones to blame. Fanatic Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh share their share of misogyny and primitive social dictates. Between these two major religions with their extremist social leaders, International Women Day is a farce in India.

Let us face the truth, although elite and privileged women doing their annual, fancy window dressing today would fiercely debate. Let them debate. They live in fantasyland.