Is World War III imminent?
I had this very scary, eerie, uncanny feeling when we went through the horrors of September Eleventh. And I have the same feeling now.
I have a feeling today that Western powers — particularly major, violent, repressive powers in the world — are sucking us into a Third World War. They tried to do it when September 11 happened. It was a devastating genocide of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. On the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction that they did not have. It was a unilateral war, defying the United Nations.
USA’s own consulate officers in Saudi Arabia had issued visas to twelve terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center. Iraq had nothing to with the terrorists. Saudi Arabia did. Yet, U.S. did not invade Saudi Arabia. They invaded and destroyed Iraq. They invaded and destroyed Afghanistan.
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their allies — through the killing rampage in that ancient land, made enormous profit. Some say, Cheney’s company made billions. U.S. corporations made billions.

But because U.S. did not find more than a handful of allies at that time, they could not begin a new world war, even though in all likelihood, that was what they had on mind.
Sanity triumphed over insanity. Millions of people worldwide — including us here in America — came out on the street to protest war and terror.
Today, a silent, global, economic war is already on against the naive and the innocent. IMF, World Bank, Wall Street corporations and their politicians are sucking the world dry — one country at a time — through their economic enslavement, massive privatization, structural loans that the borrowing countries can’t get out of, and devaluation of currency. Millions of people are dying because they don’t have nutrition or health care. Man-made climate change and global pollution are killing an unprecedented number of people.
But I have a feeling that this time, taking advantage of the horrifying ISIS menace, they have begun a violent, fierce, global war — on terrorists that they themselves created, and also against anybody they perceive as terrorists. Muslims in particular. Or, Muslim-looking people and Muslim-type countries across the world. I have a feeling this war will quickly spread across the Middle East, and Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Egypt will be immediately sucked into it. And then, it might spread like an out-of-control wildfire to Pakistan and India on one end, perhaps Malaysia and Indonesia on the Far East, and Northern Africa and Turkey on the other. Russia will definitely be a target for the war hawks.
middle_eastBecause ISIS has now directly hit France and Europe, some European countries will have no choice but to be a part of the brutal carnage.
U.S. war industries, and Wall Street corporations are ecstatic that a new, massive war is on the horizon. War is perhaps the most lucrative market. It’s their Viagra. They can sell bombs to barbed wire, canned soup to cleaning soap, computer chips to potato chips, and toilet paper to news paper. And much more. It’s a free, totally deregulated market for the one percent. And there is zero accountability.
War to the war hawks is super-great business. Just ask Kissinger.
Just ask Bush and Cheney. Or, McCain, who only recently visited ISIS leaders, and praised them as freedom fighters.
For me, I will buy anti-depressants.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York