It could be my child. The father mourning here could be me. (Photo courtesy NYT)

It could be my child. The father mourning here could be me. (Photo courtesy NYT)

Yesterday, July 25, New York Times published a report on Israel’s merciless bombing of Gaza schools and shelters, and printed a few photos of Palestinian children killed and their parents mourning. Thousands of readers expressed their anger, and it was the first time I have seen such outrage against Netanyahu’s genocide — outrage from NYT readers, who are normally pro-Israel.
It shows that in spite of U.S. media’s bias, distortion and cover-up of the barbarism happening on the ground, where hundreds of innocent children, women and men were killed, dismembered, and permanently crippled — horror that CNN, Times, Washington Post and their nationwide followers are not exposing as is, and we are not even talking about far right-wing media such as Fox or Rush Limbaugh and Tea Party airwaves, the ordinary Americans are finally getting it.
Like I said before, I do not support violence of any kind: Israel, U.S., Hamas or Taliban. I have made myself very clear on this. But this grotesque Israeli barbarism is beyond belief!
I’m quoting a few readers’ comments from New York Times: for you to judge.
Note that ALL the top “likes” or “recommends” on the reader comments denounced and condemned Israel. In my opinion, that is the most important observation.
Bottom pit of human civilization. Thanks, USA. (Photo courtesy NYT).

Bottom pit of human civilization. Thanks, USA. (Photo courtesy NYT).

Reader Comment #1.

Danville, CA

Enough Israel, enough. As a father of 2 small kids, seeing these pictures is beyond heartbreaking. This is not going to win you any hearts or minds. You are fast losing the respect of the entire international community whatever is left of it. Yes you have a right to self defense but your actions are leading to indiscriminate killing and maiming of 100’s of innocent children – and that is beyond the pale. You simply cannot claim a moral high ground now. What have you unleashed? Do you have any sense of humanity left? And please do not equate your actions to the thuggishness of Hamas and their tunnels and rockets that have caused far, far less damage than the lasting damage you are causing to an entire population of innocent children. Please, at least for the sake of children stop this madness and figure out a way to more effective self defense.

Reader Comment #2.



How much blood on Netanyahu’s hands is necessary before he feels that it is enough!? How many children must die before he is satisfied? Yes Hamas has brought it on to themselves but enough is enough! What Israel is accomplishing now is to create the next generation of terrorists fueled by the hatred that he is creating anew. This will solve nothing. It only proves that Israel has more weapons and is willing to use them. More tunnels will be built. An ultimately impotent strategy

Reader Comment #3.


Brooklyn, NY

It pains me to say this, but I’m grateful my father, grandparents, great-grandparents and other relatives – Jews who fought tirelessly for social justice, peace and helping those less fortunate than themselves – are not alive to see this. I feel ashamed.


Reader Comment #4.

Midwest Guy

Milwaukee, WI 21 hours ago

I think it’s time for war crimes to be charged against Israel.


Reader Comment #5.



It’s time for America to end our blind support for Israel.
It’s time for America to end the billions in U.S. aid to Israel.



NYT and CNN never quote him. And he is one of the most important intellectuals of all time. I'm happy to have known him.

NYT and CNN never quote him. And he is one of the most important intellectuals of all time. I’m happy to have known him.

Reader Comment #6.


New York City 21 hours ago

This is absolutely horrific, and I have no words to express my feelings.

However hard pro-Israeli voices and organizations and corporations want to justify the genocide under Netanyahu and his brutality government, it’s absolutely clear to the rest of the world that they’re committing war crimes.
If only the U.S. and its two-party, jingoist plutocracy and Koch Brothers and Heritage Foundation and Tea Party understood it. But they won’t. Obama and Kerry and the Clintons and Bush’s are equally responsible for this prolonged, never-ending brutality on poor, displaced and powerless people — for generations.
Helene Cooper and Somini Sengupta in their story entitled “As Much of the World Frowns on Israel, Americans Hold Out Support,” (July 23) showed us the real reason behind the misperception: media slants, distortions and plain lies. That is precisely why Americans do not know the extent of this genocide.
The photos that New York Times is publishing today is only a small, superficial fragment of what is truly happening on the ground. Without going into the gory details, if, only if Americans and NYT readers knew how children’s bodies are being severed into pieces by Israeli shells and guns and bombs, this perception would rapidly change.
I condemn Israel’s genocide. I also condemn Hamas’ politics of violence. I do not support any violence of any kind.
But what Netanyahu and his government have been doing deserves a war crimes tribunal — the Nuremberg way.



She could be my daughter. He could be me. (Photo courtesy NYT).

She could be my daughter. He could be me. (Photo courtesy NYT).

NOTICEABLY, a lot of readers thought Israel was committing war crimes, and that the state and its people forgot what they had went through under Hitler.

Any comments?



Brooklyn, New York