Then comes the task of controlling the so-called “populist” base: the angry, frightened, disillusioned white population, primarily males. Since there is no way for Trumpism to deal with their economic concerns, which are actually being exacerbated by current policy-formation, it’s necessary to posture heroically as “standing up” for them against “malevolent forces” and to cater to the anti-social impulses that tend to surface when people are left to face difficult circumstances alone, without institutions and organizations to support them in their struggles.

Noam Chomsky, Truthout, June 20, 2018

We all knew elite liberals with their long, cruel detachment from us the ordinary people and our sufferings, along with their fake promises and unthinkable corruption would bring on extreme racism, politics of hate and bigotry, and eventually fascism. We see it now in Trump, and his brand of Republicans.

Make No Mistakes About It.

We see the longest government shutdown, but because it’s not hurting the upper class, it’s passing as if there’s nothing to panic about. Yet, the institution of government itself is being destroyed — one brick at a time. EPA is practically gone. Very soon, they will actually destroy social security, Medicare, Postal Service, and so on.

Big media do not care about it. They also do not tell us that a culture of dictatorship is openly in vogue. The relentless Trump antics 24/7 — ugly, obscene, and racist — are clear manifests of authoritarianism. A culture of white supremacy is out in the open.

Sleeping monsters are now awake: they want to kill immigrants, kill blacks, and kill native Americans. They want to starve labor unions to death. They want to completely pollute the environment — choking us to death. Scary diseases have taken communities over. In a place like the Bronx here in NYC, the poor live in a worse situation than people live in abject poverty and hopelessness in some Third World countries.

We the 99% simply do not matter anymore.