Yesterday (December 27), a huge explosion of some sort at New York City’s Con Edison Astoria power plant turned the night sky blue. It was frightening.
It was so big that idiots thought it was an alien invasion, and smart people nicknamed it Astoria Borealis (after Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights).
But big media downplayed it. You could not find much discussion on this massive fire. This is how corporations work together: save each other’s back, leaving the ordinary people in dark. They call it democracy and free speech. There is no accountability.
Big media and big politicians hushed it up, period. They have time for everything trivial, but no time for such a serious matter. Their trick is, if you keep these things out of public attention, they eventually go away, especially today when nobody cares to know.
I have often called it Journalism of Exclusion.
Nobody will ever know why and how this explosion happened. There will be no serious investigation. And yes, pollution. Unbelievable pollution, if not radiation. How much chemicals, and of what type, got released in New York’s neighborhoods?
Truly reminds me of the suppression of truth after 9/11, when the rulers declared everything was okay. And now people who went through the dust of poison are suffering. Some have died.
(And a reminder: 1800 electrical union workers are on the street for two years, in a place called New York, where the governor, mayor, and almost all city council members are Democrats. That news is not on big media either.)
A “Happy” 2019 to all. We shall come back with a major restructuring of this blog, shaping it as an honest, pro-people platform for news, discussion, and analysis.
Stay with us. We need you on this crucial, critical mission to educate with truth and humanity, and fight back against corruption, lies, and politics of brutal power, violence, profit, bigotry, and hate.
Yours Truly,
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
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