Today, with the backdrop of India’s 72nd Independence Day, Humanity College arranged for a half-hour video talk — 30 minutes in English, followed by 6 minutes in Bengali — to visit the critical situation in the subcontinent. Democracy is on its way out, and the ugly head of fascism is rising in the horizon. The Kashmir crisis is the latest example.

Here’s the ultimate irony.

People who did not shed even a drop of blood for India’s glorious 100+ years of freedom struggle, and killed Mahatma Gandhi are now in the seat of power in India. Not the same people, but their followers anyways. RSS and its many offshoot organizations including the ruling BJP have never believed in a diversity-based secular India. They have been ardent followers of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Religious fanaticism on one hand with hate and division as its political tool, and extreme corporate power on the other hand with the richest of the rich taking control of the country’s economy (exactly following the current U.S. system) are destroying beyond recognition the land — my motherland — that was until recently a symbol of religious tolerance and renunciation of greed, self-centric lifestyle, and violence.

With the followers of Hitler and his hate in power, India is unraveling. In my video talk, I spoke about the grave situation, and also pointed out about some major movements of resistance.

I hope you take the time to watch the video, and if you like it, share. Comments and feedback welcome.


Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York