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No, I am not even talking about how these small children died. Because it might hurt a lot of people. Because it’s too graphic, too disturbing, too nauseating. Too nightmarish.

A full disclosure of facts might make a lot of Newtown residents very, very, very traumatized. It might make the entire world go through serious depression.
And, a full disclosure and a detailed description of that bloody morning inside that school might make a lot of people — powerful people — very angry. Because they’re trying to hide it all. Just the same way they have always hidden other such deaths of children: Pakistani or Afghan children blown away by drones, or Palestinian children severed by bombs, Kashmiri children pierced through by military machine guns. And so on.
Let’s revisit the historic, one of the most gruesome, catastrophic, barbaric act of cruelty that occurred on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. A deranged killer Adam Lanza brought handguns and high-powered rifles into Sandy Hook Elementary School, and slaughtered twenty six and seven-year-old children and six adults. It was one of the worst nightmares that came true. It was the ultimate gun horror even in this gun-horrible place called USA.
I imagined a lot and I had to. Because our media and our government and our elite people in power decided not to tell us how sadly, violently, painfully they perished.
I do not want to make Newtown, Connecticut residents overly traumatized all over again: they’ve been going through a lot. I do not want to make the elite powerful who’re trying to hide other such gruesome mass murder of children overly angry. Because I am too small and powerless to withstand their wrath.
I know how these little angels suffered that morning because of this grotesque gun massacre. I know because I can imagine it all. It was hell. It was blood splattered on the classroom wall. It was body parts and brains and little limbs all over. It was much, much more. Even experienced, diehard first responders needed counseling after going through that horror.
It was one of the worst terrorist acts on the soil of the United States of America. It didn’t matter if the killer Adam Lanza was a psychopath, a mentally unstable, disturbed person.
I do not care. At the end of that fateful morning, his violent terror took the lives of twenty first graders and six school officials — ten days before Christmas, 2012.
Courtesy: LA Times-(Two)-
Some media is already spinning the Connecticut catastrophe in favor of NRA and gun lobby; they are saying such killings are almost always done by mentally sick people, and therefore, gun violence and gun control are not and should not be at the center of this discussion. They are wrong. They are making the water murky, on purpose.
There are many clever politicians and “leaders” in the U.S. government that are now taking a little stiff position, only to save their political careers. These people — some of them Democrats — have always sold out to NRA and the gun lobby. Just the same way Democrats have sold out to other powerful lobbies over the recent years: banks, financial institutions, IMF, World Bank and Wall Street. We know them all.
I have no illusions about them. Not any more. Very soon, as soon as Sandy Hook cools off, their Viagra talks will fall prostrate.
Before that happens, I want to say this.
Terror is terror, and terrorists are terrorists regardless of the state of their minds. In fact, I now believe even more that the Connecticut-type mass murder of innocent men, women and especially children IS an act of terror. We should not be confusing terror with the political word terrorism, with an emphasis on the “ism” part. I am not talking about violence for any ism — any political ideology or doctrine. I am highlighting the intent to hurt or kill the INNOCENT. I know how Indian, Bengali, Irish, Palestinian or other freedom fighters resorted to violence, and how they were branded terrorists by their oppressors. I am not getting into that discussion on rightness or wrongness of that violence. I do NOT support violence per se, and I have said it many times.
My point is, terror is terror regardless of who does it and where, as long as it hurts and kills the innocent. Sandy Hook Elementary School was an extreme, graphic example of that terror.
A recent New York Times op-ed reconfirms my belief that all gun violence is terrorism and should be called terrorism. It says: “WHAT do Mir Aimal Kansi, Ali Abu Kamal, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet and Nidal Malik Hasan have in common with Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Seung-Hui Cho and Adam Lanza? The first four claimed to be fighting the American government’s unholy oppression of Muslims; they struck the C.I.A. headquarters, the Empire State Building, Los Angeles International Airport and the Army base at Fort Hood, Tex., respectively. The last four seemed to be driven by personal motives; they shot up a high school, a university and an elementary school.”
They are all terrorists. Because they all had one intention in mind: to hurt and kill a large number of innocent civilians. They had various reasons to do it. But they all did one thing in common: kill the innocent.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School gun massacre of twenty little children WAS an act of terror. Make no mistake about it.
Brady Center

Again, I am asking you to read my little online petition to President Obama to declare gun violence an act of terror. (Please click on this link and sign and share).
I hope I get your support. I have only one purpose to do it: to create a paradigm shift in the discussion on gun violence. At the end of the day, there is only one goal: stop gun violence and gun deaths, once and for all.
If we do not act now, it is very likely that one of us — you or me — will see OUR children perish in the next act of primitive, gruesome barbarism — here in the U.S.
PLEASE do not let it happen.
Sincerely, Very Sincerely Writing,
Brooklyn, New York