Pete Seeger is no more. The musical genius and political activist passed away at the age of 94.
I begin this tribute with one of the best videos I’ve seen on Pete and his influence on the younger generation. This is after his song: Forever Young.
I’m writing this with a very heavy heart. This is short and quick. I wanted to say a few words today.
Pete Seeger has always been a frontline torch for social, economic and environmental justice. He was a frontline soldier in civil rights and labor union rights movements. The way the people in power and their corporate media in America ostracized him for a long time is scandalous, outrageous. Let’s not forget that history.
And it’s not even old history. The exclusion and undermining of truth seekers is on here in USA. That is our untold, dark history.
Now there will be many eulogies about Pete and his songs. And there will perhaps be a broad swath of gentrification of his politics too, the Nelson Mandela way. We need to be mindful of these future, big-media distortions of history.
Pete Seeger, Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan and such singers-songwriters were not only musicians. They were political activists who worked all their life for equality and justice. They worked for peace (i.e., no war).
NO WAR. NO GLOBAL ATROCITIES. Here’s one of Pete’s famous songs. He sung it with his grandson just a couple of years ago. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Link at .
Pete, in particular, will always be remembered for his later work on environmental rights.
We human rights foot soldiers will always remember Pete Seeger as one of our most important leaders.
In Albany, New York, we talked once, Pete. Toshi and you were kind and generous to talk to me.
It was a once in a lifetime experience.
Salute, Pete.
Sincerely, Admiring, Following Yours,
Brooklyn, New York