What is Humanity College doing? A special note from the creator and moderator.


When we created Humanity College as a parallel, free, democratic online media on January 1 of this year, we wanted people from all walks of life to come together, and develop a media and political strategy to fight back against the one percent. We wanted to fill a vacuum, in our small way.

We got moderate response: so far, about 500 people from various countries have joined us, and created new discussions, or participated enthusiastically on various threads. We want to thank them.

We do not mind if people come here from various political beliefs, but we do NOT want messages or opinions here that would support and strengthen the corporate world and their mouthpiece politicians.

For example, in our recent discussion on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation honoring Indian prime minister Narendra Modi (ignoring the opposition of over 100,000 people from across the world who wrote their dissent to Gates, reminding him of Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat genocide, and the overall horrific human rights situation in today’s India), we posted an investigative article from Denmark. The article detailed how Bill Gates and his corporation (which has destroyed competition globally, and created a fascistic monopoly) have been actively driving demonetization in India — a process that Modi and his BJP government imposed on the country, creating havoc. Their economic drives have only benefited the rich: the one percent.

Bill Gates also championed the Aadhar card system in India — a countrywide ID system — that grossly violates right to privacy.

Here, our role at Humanity College (as I understand it) is that (1) we can expose the real background stories untold by corporate media, and (2) we can write our observations to analyze the real facts, and help people understand the economic tyranny that these economic and political rulers are shoving down our throats, with little opposition.

Yes, we can come from any side of the spectrum. But we do NOT want to take the side of the one percent — i.e., people such as Modi or Shah or Trump or Gates or the Koch Brothers or Ambani. They are working together — to embolden themselves.

We are here to expose their lies, and educate people with truth. I hope you understand the mission of this group.


Partha Banerjee

Creator and Co-Moderator, HumanityCollege.org

October 3, 2019