9 Kar sevaks enter the Babri Masjid. A group of volunteers even
Hindu supremacists destroyed religious harmony in India on December 6, 1992. On December 6, 2016, they are destroying the poor and rewarding the rich.
Well, it’s now so easy to hoodwink all!

I never thought I would ever have to witness the sorry plight of educated Indians hovering in such an intellectual void, including the erudite Bengalis. The economics of the entire country has just been completely jeopardized and at least fifty crores (five hundred million) of its people and their families have been robbed of any kind of finance, apparently in a drive to eradicate the black (illegal) money of the country. And when the target is “untaxed money,” can sentiments of patriotism be left far behind? No, a big no, if any debate questioning the drive is to be nipped in the bud.
Can’t we expect anybody who understands economics to speak out? Or, anybody who knows the rampant vandalism unleashed by globalization of a 1%-controlled economy? Does nobody know the game plan of IMF, World Bank, American and Western powers in the guise of India’s prime minister Modi, and billionaire businessmen such as the Ambanis, Adanis, Bill Gates and all the corrupt politicians who used money and media to execute their game plan?
Even the powerful Gandhis (descendants of Indira Gandhi) couldn’t go this far in their dubious pursuit of dynastic wealth! India is being looted in broad daylight. But educated citizens are all dancing to the tunes of Modi, finance minister Jaitley, BJP, RSS and their fundamentalist/racist organisations, who had been open supporters of Hitler in not-so-distant past. The infamous Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi belonged to these organisations. Gopal Godse, Nathuram’s brother, had boastfully told this to New York Times only a few years ago.
Remember December 6, 1992. — RSS and armed Hindu fanatic mobs storm through a mosque called Babri Masjid in North India, and destroy it to dust. Immediately, massive, bloody riots start across the country, where poor Muslims including women and children were slaughtered and raped, in thousands. Modi himself witnessed such a riot in Gujarat in 2002, when he was the chief minister of that state. We forget so easily!
That was the time to come to power, through mob violence. Now, it’s time for them to stay in power, through money violence. Fascism comes in various shapes.
Gold price in India has dived to the benefit of black money stockists who are conveniently purchasing gold to convert their blacks into whites. Same with real estate values. On the other hand, interest rates of bank deposits are being slashed to deprive a huge mass that has nothing barring some bank balances as source of day to day finance. This group of suffering people includes retirees and the older generation in general.
Nobody has the intention to analyze or to study all these happenings in depth. Those who dare to do it are automatically branded as anti-India traitors, especially by the pro-USA, pro-Modi high-tech, corporate-house generation.
Lately an aura of patriotism was created utilizing the pretext of military surgical strike against Pakistan, the neighboring country which had already been proclaimed as an enemy – no questions asked. Today it is being called another surgical strike targeting undisclosed money. Political parties in opposition seem to be ineffective to such an extent that one can easily doubt their integrity. Only feisty leaders such as Mamata Banerjee of West Bengal and Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi are vociferous in their protests, but they are now being subject to a hate campaign. Left parties have proved to be the laughing stock owing to their stupefied inaction. Trade Unions are equally clueless and madly in search of a workable policy, which seems nowhere to be found.
The need of the hour is to come out in the street and organize protests involving people. It is not my idea or even possible for me to suggest what to do to intellectuals, as I am living far away, being one who has left his homeland and therefore easily to be branded “anti-national” as per the latest trend of the ongoing hate campaign. Nevertheless I am pretty stubborn and persistent in my efforts of communication via social media. I get tons of likes on wedding pictures and such beautiful stuff. Yet, very predictably, when I write about economics, politics, equality of humans, falsehood of media coverage, or the high-noon robbery of Modi and BJP, suddenly all those friends vanish into thin air!
The time is out of joint, the time we live in now! A wonderful country is being vandalized and we the Indians and Bengalis, who never fail to eulogize Ram Mohan Ray, Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar and other sages and intellectual activists, are looking the other way.
P.S. – I have been writing and speaking about these issues for many years, particularly since I gave up my Ph.D. career in science, and switched to work in journalism, writing, and education in politics and economics. Earlier in 2016, I spoke at length about this catastrophic, global economic terror in various places during my India tour. One of my talks was audio-recorded, which you can hear at this link. I forewarned about an imminent economic disaster in India. The link is at https://soundcloud.com/…/my-talk-on-global-economy-with-spe…. I don’t belong to any political party. I only speak the truth. And try to inform and educate as much as I can, in my humble way.