Blog March 23
Russia Meddles in U.S. Elections?? Wow!! How dare you, Putin!!
Gosh, this is how most Americans think, thanks to corporate media, and our famous politicians. And their famous, big-name journalists. There is no other way to think, than what they want us to think.
The Russian meddling in U.S. elections has many, complicated layers. Here’s how it unfolds.
One, it may or may not be true: we simply don’t know. It could be that New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and their very powerful lobby — who Trump gravely hurt by defeating Hillary — are cooking it all up.
Two, even if it’s true, we don’t know how extensive it is: it could be a small issue, blown out of proportions. We the ordinary people simply don’t know, and given our corporate media’s relentless, massive lies, I have every reason not to believe their version.
Three, assuming it is gravely serious, if Russia’s interference and manipulation of American elections are criminal, and deserve so much discussion, what about USA and CIA’s numerous election interference and manipulations all over the world?
I mean, it is mind boggling how they have done it since WWII. They have toppled governments, staged coups, and assassinated elected leaders. They have supported and funded military juntas, and killed democracies. They have turned the world upside down.
Chile, Bangladesh, Angola, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, El Salvador, Mexico, Pakistan…France, Italy, Ukraine…India…Greece, Thailand, Philippines…the list is endless. I mean, truly, the entire world.
Where is that discussion in NYT, WP and CNN and NPR at this time? I mean, how can you not make that connection now, in this context?
Think about it.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York