Solidarity: Wall Street, War Front
Do you see any solidarity across the globe? Do you see any reasons for solidarity across the globe? Do you see any hope for solidarity across the globe?
Can my poems help find it? Can your poems touch my poems? Can they meet and talk?
(Acknowledgement: Sourav Datta, Durgapur, West Bengal, India)

A Collateral Damage

My home was in Iraq, did you know?
There, by the Baghdad factories
Ma, Dad and with a little sis
We had fun – laughs, songs and stories
First time they bombed our block
We shivered with radio round-the-clock
Dad’s bus got hit ‘n exploded
Sis cried out, “Mother, he’s dead!”
My dear father’s grave, yes I kissed
Whispered in fear — eerie, awful
“Dear Dad, you come out now you can
Gone are those violencing beasts.”
Again they now hit back my land
Hoping to shove democracy down
Experts on oil addiction
This time more pain, starvation
Firm resolve, no fear of death
They’ll defeat Babylon empire?
I’ve joined forces millions
How dare that Dubya Dumb and Blair?
I’m too a son of a great nation
Daddy’s on the Iraq battlefield
Peter, Becca, little Sam and I
We got it in our hearts ‘n eyes
I screamed, “Dad, leave Iraq at once
If you kill but one-o their childs
Consider you killed one us yours
You now no mo’ one-o our heroes.”

Bangladesh Border, 1971

Bangladesh Border, 1971

those small men and those small women
with small, tiny hopes and smaller desires
all their lives they weep in vain
and none cares ’bout their futility tears
…tears shed away slowly, lowly
like late-night dew drops, slowly, lowly
d’you ever listen to their subdued cry
o’er late-night wind the cries quiver
d’you hear them, tell me, why
d’you ever hear them, tell me, ever?
Occupy Wall Street
(November 15, 2011)

We Are the 99 Percent.

They’re gone now
But they shall be back.
This is the last battle.
They know.
Even New York Times
Can’t stop them.
Sincerely Writing,
Brooklyn, New York