I never realized the extent of hate, ignorance and illiteracy in this “best country in the world” until I posted that NYT article on how a white man shot and killed an Indian engineer in a Kansas pub, shouting racist words, and how another white man took a bullet trying to save him.
Srinivas Kuchibhotla, the Hindu student from India, told his wife America was the best country to live in. He was killed by a racist in America. The man said he wanted to drive out all Middle-Eastern men. Of course, geography and history are not two subjects racists in America like or care about. Or, religion. Or, the world.
I forgot to change the privacy setting from public to friends, and boy oh boy, hate is spilling over the toilet seat. I mean, Trump has given a new meaning to America and the world.
This is what I wrote on Facebook.
Indian idiots (especially Modi fanatics) who voted for Trump will downplay this incident. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Trump’s racism and hate have brought out the worst in America, and all immigrants — Muslim or not — are paying a heavy price.
An Indian engineer (a Hindu) was killed in Kansas City last night by a white racist, perhaps a supporter of Trump.
Silver lining of the story: another white man tried to save the victim, and took a bullet to his chest. That’s the side of America I want to know, and live for.
Here’s the original New York Times story with a short video. The link is at https://www.nytimes.com/video/us/100000004952609/kansas-shooting-survivor-were-all-humans.html?smid=fb-share
I want to thank Ian, the white American man, who said, “We are all humans.” That is the United States of America I know.
Not Trump’s hateful, racist America.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York