DEU Jahrestag Leipzig DemonstrationHere in America, we just had a revolution. America — that is the United States of America.
Yesterday, the revolution finally happened. People — millions of ordinary, working class men, women and children — came out on the street, and chanted slogans. “Love Live the Revolution,” they chanted. “Down with the One Percent,” they shouted. “Power to the People,” was the loudest shout.
We the People won the final battle. We did not shed one drop of blood — on either side. It was a nonviolent revolution. We brought the tyrannical, oppressive, violent, lying and corrupt people in power down from their throne, and then we took over their seat.
We created a people’s government. We decided democratically that it would truly be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It would be a collective leadership, with no one man or woman to be at the top seat of power. All the major decisions — economic, political and social — would be made collectively and democratically. And the decisions would be observed by elected representatives of the entire population. In fact, for those millions of ordinary men, women and families out there, all the major decision-making would be telecast live.
These are some of the first, major decisions we made last night.
Revolution 21. There is going to be no more war. Our government will withdraw all our troops from all corners of the world. Our military or the so-called defense department is going to be dismantled.
2. We are going to use all the billions and trillions of dollars we so far used to create and perpetuate wars, now to create peace across the world, through education, alleviating poverty, hunger and diseases, and peace dialogues by feuding countries.
3. Domestically, we decided that we are going to cut taxes for the poor and middle class, and raise taxes on the super rich, so that the income inequality comes down to a minimum.
Revolution 34. We decided that all our private prisons are going to be destroyed. All the prisoners are going to be given a second chance to a free trial. Death penalty is going to be banished, and rehabilitation programs are going to be created for those who need them.
5. We decided last night that our health care is going to be free for the low-income people, and subsidized for the middle-income. Employment-based health insurance system is going to be terminated, and nobody is going to be denied of health care anywhere. Government is going to be responsible for its people’s health concerns, without depriving people of their individual priorities.
6. Privatization in all spheres — education, health care, environment, employment, banking, etc. — is going to be discouraged. Wall Street and stock markets are going to be regulated and monitored so that they cannot go out of control again.
7. There is going to be very serious effort to bring the environmental pollution and atmospheric CO2 levels to an historic low. Fossil fuels are going to be banned, and replaced by green and sustainable energy such as wind, water and solar powers.
Revolution 48. From the elementary school level, education system is going to be based on equality, peace, diversity, tolerance and science. Arts programs and physical activities are going to be priority. Schools are also going to start a new curriculum on healthy food and lifestyle choices.
We could not make more decisions last night. We were tired, and so were all of the country. We adjourned our policy and decision-making meetings at the crack of dawn, and retired.
When we went to bed, we could still hear the people — millions of them — rejoicing in the street.
Long Live People’s Revolution. Power to the People.
Brooklyn, New York
Post Script. — By the way, this was not a day dream. Last night, I attended a labor arts committee meeting to talk about the September 21 People’s Climate March here in NYC. Some of the above came out of the conversation.
Revolution 5