First, you destroy their lands by armed invasion, bribery, colonizing, looting, deforesting, raping, murdering, spreading diseases, enslaving, and lynching, and that too, all in the name of God.


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Private army: the East India Company had 260,000 soldiers at the start of the 19th century. Illustration: Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty

You turn rich, prosperous, peaceful countries into poor, hopeless, hateful countries, with people begging for mercy. And they beg at your doorsteps — for food, jobs, and shelter.

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The authorities released this image of illegal migrants inside a large cage – reporters said they saw unaccompanied children in similar conditions

Then you turn your guns again on them. Build walls to stop them, and erect cages to imprison their children.

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An 1878 schoolbook’s depiction of tobacco cultivation at Jamestown, Virginia

And your own people who prospered through centuries from their blood, sweat, and tears, and looting their farms, nature and environment — call them criminals, and support your acts in the name of law.

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“American Progress” John Gast 1872

Then, they thank their God for being so generous and forgiving, and go to sleep peacefully.

We are talking about immigration.

Immigration 101.