Bernie youth

Super Tuesday tonight, and these election primaries are practically over. Maybe, the voters will prove me wrong.

Many people, including outsider no-name immigrants like me, have supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton and the official machinery of DNC, knowing that it would be an uphill battle.
If you think about the billionaires, the multinational corporations, DNC’s deeply-entrenched powers, status-quo churches and labor unions, and the lack of political knowledge and wisdom of the average American voters (many of whom are misinformed/brainwashed by media for generations, and fed with lies about the country and the world, and illusions about their future), we never thought one Bernie Sanders candidacy could do away with all these negatives in one election cycle, and bring on a pro-99% presidency, defeating the 1% and their iron wall.
But we still extended our support to Sanders, because it was the ONLY morally upright and honest thing to do. Just the same way many of us, outsider no-name immigrants with no money and power, worked for Barack Obama in 2008, with high enthusiasm that a black man will be the president of a country that has treated blacks like animals, killing and torching and lynching them for centuries.
Did an Obama presidency meet our expectations? No. It disappointed us from Day 1 of the presidency, when this black man put Goldman Sachs, Monsanto and Merrill Lynch crooks in important government positions. We knew we were betrayed, and our hopes were destroyed.
We know a Hillary Clinton presidency will continue the familiar U.S. power’s saga of making the rich richer, the powerful more powerful, and the poor poorer, and the powerless even less powerless. We know the changes on the top will be cosmetic, the economic inequality inside the U.S. will increase even more, globally the forces of evil such as Monsanto, Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs, Exxon-Mobil and war corporations will make even more profit — at the expense of the hapless destitute, farmers will keep committing suicide in India, and IMF and World Bank will dictate the world’s economy, creating more misery for the world’s 99%.
Here in America, affluent liberals and Ayn Rand followers like NOW will rejoice that a woman is now the U.S. president (which is long-overdue in the first place, considering many other countries including India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have had woman heads of state for many years). U.S. corporate media will sing praise of American liberalism.
But it is okay.
One Bernie Sanders campaign has showed us how a presidential campaign can be meaningful, however briefly, in that it can bring back real people’s real issues — such as income equality, jobs, environment, health care, education, immigration, gender equality, police brutality, and war.
A new young generation of American men and women has risen.
We the outsider powerless moneyless immigrants have joined in. Our children, who are neither outsider nor moneyless and powerless, will carry the torch forward, and their generation, slowly but SURELY, will overtake the mantle of power, in one generation.
That is the real effect of this Bernie Sanders campaign.
Bernie climate
If I lived in a swing state such as Ohio, I would vote for Hillary Clinton, because otherwise it’s a fascist rule of the war-mongers and bigots.
But because I live in a heavily Democratic state New York, I would oppose Hillary Clinton, because she and her husband and their official DNC are symbols of lies, hypocrisy, and political status quo.
Plus, it will be a #3 Bill Clinton term, given how overpowering he is. I will vote against them, to keep my sanity.
If you can, please read this post one more time.
And keep educating. Educate yourself. And then, educate others, with facts and analysis.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York