Trump shoot quote
Trump is now the Republican presidential candidate. He basically got the final nod from the Republican Party, after Cruz dropped out last night.
It means, Donald Trump could now be the president of America.
A quick analysis — in case anybody cares.
Question. — What is the ONE thing that made Trump a racist man Donald Trump a presidential candidate, and stopped Bernie Sanders to be known to America and the world?
Answer.– MEDIA. Big media. Corporate media. Media that does what Noam  Chomsky called Manufacturing Consent.
Trump got the angry, anti-establishment Republican votes across the nation — votes of people who are against NAFTA, and for all the wrong reasons, against outsourcing jobs, and immigrants. They want to kill the government as we know it, create more violence globally in the name of fighting terror, and want to enhance the trickle-down economic system that is in place since Reagan. They want to bust labor unions. They want to do away with all the pro-people laws that the 99% won after centuries of struggle.
Trump does not believe climate change and global warming are real.
Trump climate change
On the other hand, Bernie Sanders is getting HUGE support from anti-establishment, anti-Wall Street Democrats (and millions of independents), and young people who are much more informed than the older generation about U.S.’s war policy, environmental policy, the incredible income equality, private prison, anti-union politics, and media’s lies — are supporting Bernie.
But Hillary Clinton is ahead of Sanders, MAINLY because while Republican media — such as Fox, New York Post, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and the countless radio talks shows — kept supporting Trump, Democratic media such as New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, NPR and such kept supporting Hillary — nakedly.
Even last night, when Bernie won Indiana against Hillary by a substantial margin, and that too, after the rigged voting in New York, that news is practically a footnote. Wolf Blitzer of CNN called it a “narrow” win.
Wolf Sanders
If you think I’m making it up, let’s have a debate.
If there was any way to take the media element out of the political equation, Bernie Sanders would have already become the presidential candidate. But from Day One, corporate media had decided that on the Democratic side, their chosen candidate was Hillary Clinton. CNN’s owner Ted Turner has been one of her biggest financial supporters.
If media were fair and balanced, the American people would have known that some of the most evil corporations on earth have been funding Hillary all along. They include Monsanto (GMO corporation that destroyed farmers globally), Wal-Mart (biggest union buster), Exxon (one of the largest polluters on earth), private prison industries (that profit on keeping a maximum number of people in jails), and especially Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest, global financial giants responsible for market crashes both in U.S. and around the world.
People, courtesy America’s media, got to know about Trump on the Republican side, and voted for him. People, courtesy America’s media, got to know about Hillary on the Democratic side, and voted for her.
This is Manufacturing Consent — live — as we speak.
Think, and act.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York