Cricket? Who cares about cricket outside of the ten nations that play it? Yet, consent has been manufactured among Indians that it is the greatest sport on earth.

Yet, reality tells a different story.

Ethiopia and Kenya are two poor “Third World” countries. Yet, they have excelled in international sports. Marathon and long-distance running bring them gold medals from all over the world. Even today, on September 24, Kipchoge from Kenya and Asssefa from Ethiopia won Berlin marathon, Assefa in world record time.

Cuba, Brazil and Argentina are also poor and “Third World.” They have earned many gold medals in volleyball and football (soccer). Cuba also excelled in games such as high jump and boxing.

Nobody talks about Cuba here in America, because of people’s brainwashing against socialism. And socialism Cuba and Russia style has many problems especially on human rights (but Biden government has given red-carpet welcome in Congress to somebody whose politics is stained with blood).

Cuba has been able to provide high-class health care to their people, almost for free. Here in America, health care is the MOST expensive of all countries, and it has now become the most inhumane too: if you have money, you have quality health care.

USA has lost the MAXIMUM number of people to COVID — it has surpassed over 1,176,092 (as of September 24). If you are poor or unemployed, you are doomed. And many Americans I have seen closely are so brainwashed that they don’t understand that health care and education are basic human rights, and government has its responsibility to provide them to all.

At the same time, capitalist countries such as Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand or Australia have provided quality health care at a minimal cost, even though Britain like USA has a very high economic inequality; just like USA, UK has numerous poor.

But India is unique on all fronts. It has destroyed its once-okay health care system for all, and privatized it so badly that now high-quality medical care is only available to the people who have tons of money.

Same with education: it’s all privatized and therefore very expensive for good schools.

India has followed a failed U.S. model, shied away from any concept of equality, and it has neither solved its ordinary citizens’ basic problems, nor it has been able to build a world-class sports infrastructure the way Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco or Cuba have done it.

India’s economic policy is a failure. The present Modi administration has created unprecedented inequality, made the super-rich obscenely richer, and to keep people in continuous illusion, came up with religious and divisive stunts.

On all fronts, the far right government in India is a failure. It has only succeeded in promoting lies and bigotry-based ultra-patriotism.