I challenge you to think: Who Made Trump Trump?
Did New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNN make Trump the menace he is today?
Not directly.
But definitely, indirectly, by promoting and safeguarding the 1% and their looting of the economy and ordinary people’s hopes and dreams. The tax evasion. The bailout. The false hopes. The global warfare. The massive job outsourcing. NAFTA. TPP.
And by censoring the modern, democratic, progressive voices and their many years of alternative, sane, socio-economic policy demands (just think Robert Reich or Joseph Stiglitz, let alone Bernie Sanders).
The racists and fanatics and hate mongers took advantage of this huge, purposefully-created void in people’s consciousness, and rallied behind the bigot. That is why Trump is now Trump. It is not his political ingenuity or his billions only. No, it is not just Fox.
Another question.

Why is it that 80 percent of young Democratic voters are voting for Bernie Sanders, but outside of the politically savvy circle, very few know his name? Well, one answer: media.
I have carefully studied mainstream media since my own Columbia University Journalism School days, and in the footsteps of Noam Chomsky (and my beloved professor Late James Carey at Columbia), studied media ethics in particular. “Journalism of Exclusion” the New York Times or CNN way works wonders for the one percent.
You go to any diner, any restaurant, or any public place where they have a TV. What’s playing there? Either Fox or CNN. Stupid stuff most of the time: like some brainless celebrity game or a gossip show. But most people don’t even realize it’s stupid: that’s what they grew up with. They don’t know any other media form is possible. T
hen, you talk to the educated liberal: what do they read or hear? Either the Times, or its clones such as Boston Globe, L.A.Times, Albany Times Union, elitist NPR, etc. Where ingrained is the idea that the status-quo political system is the best the world, and that the U.S. is the best country in the world, no questions asked.
Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., smiles for a photo with supporters at the end of a campaign rally at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla., Thursday, March 10, 2016. (AP Photo/Gary McCullough)

A massive 80% of the younger generation voters are voting for a 74-year-old candidate who’s taking America by storm — with ZERO money from corporations or their super PAC’s, and he has scared the hell out of global giants such as Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Because of his campaign, at least some people are now coming to terms with dirty hidden secrets about America’s miserable socio-economic situation, grotesque inequality, corruption, violence, illiteracy, health crisis, and sky-high prison population. Facts that the two parties and their Clintons have always tried to hush up, with help from their corporate media. Bernie Sanders is bringing to us a fresh air of free information and democracy. Yet, his name is still unknown to a vast swath of the American population.
Media have promoted a hateful racist, and excluded a humanist reformer.
Hillary media bias