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My final, promised article before the New York primaries on April 19.
I have already written so much about this subject that I almost didn’t have to write anymore. But I am, because of a few, critically important developments.
One, last night’s debate here in Brooklyn, which I watched. Two, the rally in Washington Park the night before, which I attended. And three, the New York primaries on this Tuesday, where I will vote.
For years, I have written and taught about America’s income inequality, where the situation is that 0.1 percent of America’s rich now control 90% of the total wealth of the country. I now know, for sure, that Hillary and Bill Clinton promoted, perpetuated, and participated in that obnoxiously pro-1% system.
Hillary Clinton continuously took enormous amount of money from Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and other such evil corporations, and she would not release the transcripts of her speeches where she made $225,000 for each speech.
(Think about it: $225,000 for one speech. Most Americans don’t even see that amount of cash in their entire life.)
**And she praises agent of hell, war criminal Henry Kissinger.**
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For years, I have written and worked, both at the grassroots and policy levels, on the oppression and violence on poor people — especially immigrants and blacks — and seen their conditions first hand. I have worked with immigrants in jail whose only crime was that they wanted to make a living in the U.S., without having valid papers. Their only crime was they were very poor, and had a family to feed. They were handcuffed, jailed, and deported.
(In many cases, their poverty and status-less living in America were caused by the U.S. war and foreign policies that supported dictators in their countries, and also because of trade policies such as NAFTA and TPP that the Clintons promoted.)
Bernie 2
This is the first time in my thirty years in America, where I have actively and enthusiastically involved myself with the political process, since the first election when Rev. Jesse Jackson as a candidate raised some major issues, a major presidential candidate named Bernie Sanders forcefully highlighted about the difference between a pro-99% political position and a pro-1% one. This is the first time a major presidential candidate told us the truth.
This is the first time I came to feel and be excited about the possibility that U.S. establishment political parties, their corporations, and their dishonest media such as New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, ABC and NBC are losing ground on their 24/7 propaganda — because of the forceful, morally upright election campaign of Bernie Sanders.
This is the first time in my thirty years of America as an immigrant, I can feel deep inside in my heart that America’s young generation is ushering in a new era of honest and enlightened activism.
I marched on New York’s Street against the immoral and WMD-lie Iraq war. I marched across the U.S. for immigrants’ rights. I marched with hundreds of thousands of people to support the climate movement. I witnessed history.
By supporting and voting for Bernie Sanders, I shall continue being a part of that people’s history.
I am sure you are with me, because I am with you.
Love and solidarity,
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York.
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