US olympics
At the outset, I pay my enormous tribute for the great athletes in both countries. This post is NEVER to take away their incredible achievement.
But the question remains. How can USA, or Jamaica, do so well in Olympics, and India cannot?
There are several reasons.
(1) There is no concept of gender equality in India, while boys and girls grow up together in the U.S. and Jamaica. They play together, fear-free, from early childhood.
(2) India has no serious sports program, and all its resources goes to cricket. Billionaires profit even more from cricket, and Indian govt. — run by sports-illiterate people — get their share. There is complete undermining of anything but cricket.
India is not serious about the Olympics. It has never been. USA has always invested massively to succeed in the global games. There was a time when Soviet Union, East Germany and other communist countries were very successful. Now they are not. China is now catching up, but it still has a long way to go.
(3) USA, on the other hand, siphons incredible amount of money from academic programs, into sports programs. You can easily cut a science or arts program from college, but never basketball or swimming.
(4) Billions of dollars are also taken out in USA of health care, libraries, public transportation, environment, etc., to be put into global sports endeavors such as Olympics. Result: many gold medals in this highly-watched, prestigious event.
With help from media such as NBC which is owned by GE, the top rank every four years creates an aura of global supremacy.
But there is a HUGE, huge price to pay for this. And nobody knows.
Nobody either in USA or across the world cares to know how miserable America’s ranking is, among the developed, capitalist nations on social and health problems. See the chart below.
Nobody knows how many Americans drop out of school or college, or how many people are rotting in U.S. jails. Media kept it a secret.
There are other reasons. One blog post cannot say it all.
Again, just for those who would immediately label me anti-USA or anti-India, my rant is not against the great athletes of either country. Since my childhood, I have ardently followed the likes of Bob Beamon or Dick Fosbury or Dona Schollander or Carl Lewis or Greg Louganis, and always wanted India to be a leading sports nation.
My purpose is to expose the reality about India — my first country, and USA — my adopted country, reality that corporate media in both countries do not tell us. My posts are my own alternative media. It is based on 100 percent truth. And the truth is based on long, real-life experiences in both countries.
Do we care at all for the truth? That is what I ask, repeatedly.
You answer. Would you?
US social and health problems